You Can Provide Life-saving Services to Women in Need  image

You Can Provide Life-saving Services to Women in Need

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Will you make a gift today to help more women like Marion find a refuge from the streets, treatment, and long-term recovery support?

Women in the street-based sex trade are often criminalized even though they are also victimized by gender-based violence, and struggle with substance use and homelessness. In the wake of the pandemic, women are facing increased risk of violence and fentanyl overdose. Their need is highest just as the Covid-related aid is rolled back.

Women need us to address the gaps in policies and services so they can obtain the support they need while they are still in the community, instead of jail, emergency rooms or worse….

The Benedict Center focuses on authentic connection and choice, and provides practical stepping stones to women like Marion who are on their healing journeys.

Marion was losing the battle with her suicidal thoughts and substance use while she struggled to survive with no other means than the street-based sex trade. Previous arrests for solicitation only compounded her issues.

On the brink of self-harm, she reached out to Taranda, a Benedict Center case manager with whom she’d developed a trusting relationship at our Sisters Drop-in center. With Taranda’s advocacy, Marion was admitted to the hospital for emergency mental health care.

Your support spans a critical gap in our community through our Sisters Program. We welcome women like Marion, even while they might be under the influence of drugs, to come as they are and choose from a range of supportive services. Further, we advocate for policies that would decriminalize women in the sex trade and increase their access to housing and treatment.

In the past, Marion had tried to stop using drugs by herself. This time, she leaned on her relationship with Taranda and asked for help. While Marion continued doing the brave work of navigating her mental health challenges…

Taranda continued to navigate the fractured mental health system and found residential treatment for Marion immediately after her hospital stay. This is the first time Marion is engaging in treatment services and the Benedict Center team will be there with her every step of the way.

Women like Marion succeed because of their own hard-won resilience and supporters of the Benedict Center who make our services and advocacy possible.

Thank you in advance for your contribution to further our mission and help change the lives of women every day.